Graduate Fellowships & Awards

Recognizing Excellence

The Siebel School of Computing and Data Science recognizes the achievements, leadership, and potential of graduate students who have earned prestigious fellowships and awards. Fellowships allow students to focus on their graduate studies and research, while awards recognize the progress or overall excellence toward outstanding research or leadership contributions to the field. Generous donations from alumni, friends, and corporate partners make many fellowships and awards possible. They make a significant difference in supporting students during their academic and career pursuits. 

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College & Campus Fellowships

Corporate-Sponsored Fellowships, Awards, and Scholarships

As a top graduate institution pursuing cutting-edge research, our students are well-positioned to take advantage of fellowship opportunities offered by our industry partners. Selected fellowships are listed below. In many cases, your application must be first submitted to the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science for review. In those cases, a deadline will be announced and posted at the top of the school's wiki.

National Fellowships & Awards

Another source of fellowship funding comes from charitable foundations and the U.S. government. For many of these, college seniors and first-year graduate students are both eligible, and U.S. citizenship is typically a requirement. Deadlines vary but are typically set for late fall to early winter. Besides listing a few of the more prominent programs below, the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science maintains a list of deadlines.

Usually, students may apply directly to these institutions for funding. However, your college or university may provide assistance for these applications. At the University of Illinois, see the National and International Scholarship Program, the Graduate College's Proposal Writing Assistance aids, or the school's wiki page on this topic.

Selected national fellowships and awards: