IBM PhD Fellowship

The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional PhD students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study.


2021-2022 Saurabh Jha
2020-2021 Saurabh Jha
2017-2018 Uttam Thakore
2016-2017 Cosmin Radoi
2014-2015 Nikhil Jain
Haichuan Wang
2013-2014 Quanquan Gu
2010-2011 Eric Rozier
Jing Gao
2008-2009 Lin Tan
2007-2008 Soumyadeb Mitra
2006-2007 Karin Strauss
2005-2006 Luis Ceze
2004-2005 Jayanth Srinivasan
Luis Ceze
2002-2003 Jose Renau
1998-1999 Dmitry Zelenko
1997-1998 Ashish Singhai
Jaejin Lee