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Chirag Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science

This fellowship was initiated by Anil and Abha Singhal, Trustees of the Chirag Foundation, in recognition of Anil Singhal's graduate studies and M.S. degree from the Department of Computer Science and because of the Singhals great esteem for education and desire to assist future graduate students.

Past Recipients

2020-2021 Elizabeth Koning
Patrick Naughton
2019-2020 Jong Chan Lee
Riccardo Paccagnella
2018-2019 Jiaxin Huang
Huichen Li
2017-2018 Sarah Christensen
2016-2017 Sarah Christensen
Muhammad Khan
Zhuolun Xiang
2015-2016 Yi-Chieh Lee
Tuo Yu
2014-2015 Yunhui Long
2013-2014 Shan Jiang
2012-2013 Alina Ene
2011-2012 Md Tanvir Amin
2010-2011 Jason Croft
2009-2010 Chi Wang
2008-2009 Elena Caraba
2007-2008 Kyungmin Bae
2006-2007 Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider