Artificial Intelligence

The study of systems that behave intelligently, artificial intelligence includes several key areas where our faculty are recognized leaders: computer vision, machine listening, natural language processing, machine learning and robotics.

A snow dragon realistically inserted into a photograph.
A snow dragon realistically inserted into a photograph.

Computer vision systems can understand images and video, for example, building extensive geometric and physical models of cities from video, or warning construction workers about nearby dangers. Natural language processing systems understand written and spoken language; possibilities include automatic translation of text from one language to another, or understanding text on Wikipedia to produce knowledge about the world. Machine listening systems understand audio signals, with applications like speech recognition, acoustic monitoring, or trascribing polyphonic music automatically. Crucial to modern artificial intelligence, machine learning methods exploit examples in order to adjust systems to work as effectively as possible. Robotics puts artificial intelligence into practice using machines that perceive and interact with the physical world.

Faculty & Affiliate Faculty

Robot Motion and Task Planning, Multi-Agent Systems, Crowd Simulation

Machine Learning Methods for Imaging Science, Image Reconstruction, Deep Learning for Inverse Problems

Machine Learning, Learning Theory, Optimization, Generative Models, Sequential Decision Making, Physics-Guided Machine Learning, Differential Privacy

Motion Planning and Control

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI Applications, Data Management Support for AI

Control, Autonomy and Decision Making, Vision and LIDAR Based Perception, GPS Denied Navigation

Graphs, Information Theory, Algorithms, Machine Learning

Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Signal Processing, Computational Imaging, Machine Perception, Data Science

Autonomous Vehicles, Validating Autonomous Systems, Interactive Control Policies for Intelligent Systems in Multi-Agent Settings

Computational Linguistics

Computer Vision, Object Recognition, Scene Understanding

Computational Linguistics

Computer Vision Analytics for Building and Construction Performance Monitoring

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Motion Analysis, Robotics

Computer Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Natural Language-Based Text Analysis, Text Summarization

Motion Planning, Optimal Control, Integrated Planning and Learning, Robot Systems

Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics 

Computer Vision, Object Recognition, Spatial Understanding, Scene Interpretation 

Probabilistic Graphical Models, Deep Learning, Data Science, Health Analytics

Natural Language Processing, especially on Information Extraction and Knowledge-driven Natural Language Generation, Text Mining, Knowledge Graph Construction for Scientific Discovery

Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Sample Complexity Analyses

HCI for ML, AI Explainability

Cyberinfrastructure for Machine Learning, Machine Learning Systems Research, Deep Learning Applications

Machine Learning, Neuroimaging, Biomedical Imaging

Robotics, Motion Planning, and Virtual Reality 

Computer Vision, Scene Understanding, Visual Learning, Vision and Language

Adversarial Machine Learning, Robust Learning

Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Preservation, Auto-Curation, and Managing Unstructured Digital Collections 

Motion Planning and Control, Autonomous Robots

Machine Learning and Optimization

Machine Translation, Computational Morphology & Syntax

Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Certified Artificial Intelligence, Adversarial Robustness, Neural Network Verification, Safe Deep Learning

Machine Learning for Audio, Speech and Music; Signal Processing; Source Separation; Sound Recognition and Classification

Deep Learning for Drug Discovery, Clinical Trial Optimization, Computational Phenotyping, Clinical Predictive Modeling, Mobile Health and Health Monitoring, Tensor Factorization, and Graph Mining

Machine Learning Theory

Explainable AI, Fairness in AI, Adversarial Maching Learning

Computer Vision, Robotics

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Meta-Learning, Robotics

Machine Learning in Computational Genomics, Ensemble Methods, Statistical Estimation

Machine Learning, Representation Learning, Algorithmic Fairness, Probabilistic Models

Adjunct Faculty

Machine Learning, Automatic Reasoning

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning 

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