EPI Exam Requirements

Computer Science Department's EPI Exam Policy

The EPI, English Proficiency Interview, exam must be completed by all international students (whose native language is not English) who did not receive a passing speaking score on the TOEFL iBT (24+) or the IELTS (8+) at the time of admission. Students will have up to three attempts to pass the EPI. If students do not pass the EPI exam, they will need to retake either the TOEFL iBT or IELTS. The EPI exam can be taken at no cost to the student.

CS Department's EPI Policy

  • Students must register for the EPI exam through Dana Garard (dgarard@illinois.edu) in the Academic Office (1312 Siebel Center). Requests for specific interview dates and times cannot be accommodated.
  • Students who fail to show up for a scheduled exam will have that absence counted as one of their three attempts.
  • Students who need to cancel or re-schedule their EPI test must inform Dana Garard (dgarard@illinois.edu) at least seven business days prior to the scheduled interview time. Students cannot schedule or cancel their own EPI. While EPI can be rescheduled, it cannot be guaranteed that the interview will be re-scheduled during the same semester.
  • Students who enter the CS graduate program with a TOEFL iBT speaking score below 22 or an IELTS speaking score below 6 must complete either 10 hours of approved tutoring or ESL 504, 506, or 510 before they can take the EPI exam.
  • Students who do not pass the EPI interview the first time must complete at least 8 weeks of tutoring with an approved tutor or take ESL 504, 506, or 510 before they can take the EPI exam.
  • Students who receive a "Conditional Pass" on the EPI exam must complete ESL 508 and receive a passing grade "S" in the course to earn a passing EPI score and before they can hold a TA appointment in CS.

More Information on the EPI Exam

Learn more about the EPI exam, interview details and scoring.

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