Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenge Award

Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenge Awards are granted each year to graduate students focused on and solving fundamental challenges in computing, including web information management, computational advertising, machine learning, green computing, search experiences, privacy and security, and economics and social systems. The awards provide:

  • $5,000 unrestricted research seed funding which can be used for conference fees and travel, lab materials, professional society membership dues, etc.
  • Exclusive access to select Yahoo! datasets
  • The unique opportunity to collaborate with our industry-leading scientists
  • An invitation to this summer's exclusive Key Scientific Challenges Graduate Student Summit where you'll join the top minds in academia and industry to present your work, discuss research trends and jointly develop revolutionary approaches to fundamental problems

Past Winners

2012 Hongning Wang
2011 Kai-Wei Chang
Arash Termehchy
2010 Yuanhua Lv
2009 Maryam Karimzadehgan
Kim Pham