Nancy M. Amato
Department Head
Josh Asplund
Instructional Designer
Kimberly Ann Baker
Office Support Specialist
Kimberly Elaine Bogle
Graduate and Undergraduate Appointments and Payroll
Eric J. Bohm
Senior Research Programmer
George Chacko
Executive Director of Research Data Analytics
Sarah Lauren Chaube
Office Support Specialist
Aaron Michael Cohen
Assistant Facilities Manager
Cynthia Coleman
Director of External Relations
Denise Eileen Corray
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Aaron R. Darnall
Assistant Head for Administration
Jacob Deters
Academic Advisor
Milt Epstein
Instructional Designer
Margaret M. Fleck
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Jennifer Foster
Office Support Specialist
Dana Ann Garard
Office Support Specialist
Madeleine Elizabeth Garvey
Office Support Specialist
Elizabeth Nicole Watts Gonzalez
Senior Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Hannah Paige Gorrie
Coordinator of Constituent Awards
Adrienne Monique Gulley
iCAN Program Coordinator & Academic Advisor
Elsa Gunter
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Steven A. Hall
Director of Advancement
Jason Randall Hatton
Facilities Manager
Erin Elizabeth Henkelman
Office Manager
Stephen M. Herzog
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
Eric C. Huber
Instructional Designer
Lisa Rene Jagoda
Graduate Program Specialist & Academic Advisor
Katrina Renee Jones
Senior Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Tiffany Gail Joyner
Office Manager
Sebastian Theodor Walter Kelle
Instructional Designer
Morgan Klajbor-Smith
Graduate Admissions Specialist
Robin Hillary Kravets
Director of Graduate Programs
Viveka Perera Kudaligama
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs
Susan Lafferty
Assistant Director of Grants & Contracts
Jan Lam
Office Support Associate
Salome Liebenberg
Office Support Specialist
Kara Lynn MacGregor
Senior Graduate Academic Advisor
Jonathon Manuel
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Darko Marinov
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Desiree Marmon
Graduate Program Specialist & Academic Advisor
Christine J. Martinez
Coordinator of Online Programs
Kalen Mc Gowan
Office Support Associate
Maggie Metzger Chappell
Graduate Academic Advisor
Heather M. Mihaly
Undergraduate Office Manager
Julia L. Owens
Grants Accounting and Reporting
Jancie Philippus Harris
BPC Program Coordinator
Colin Nathaniel Robertson
Associate Director of Communications
Aaron Seidlitz
Assistant Director of Communications
Yvonne Shaw
Assistant Director of Finance
Amy Marie O'Boyle Simons
Office Administrator
Paris Smaragdis
Associate Head for Infrastructure and Operations
Samantha D. Smith
Office Manager
Bethany J. Socie
Business & Finance Specialist
Candice Dawn Steidinger
Office Support Associate
Alayna M. Timbo
Office Support Associate
Andrew Torrey
Office Support Specialist
Mahesh Viswanathan
Associate Head for Academics
Tandy Warnow
Associate Head for Research and Faculty Development
Michelle Renee Wellens
Senior Director of Communications & Constituent Engagement
Tiffani L. Williams
Director of Onramp Programs
Tim Yang
Instructional Designer
Adam Yau
Inventory Specialist
Heather Zike
Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor