Office of the Department Head

2232 Siebel Center, (217) 333-3426, Fax: (217) 333-3501,


Nancy M. Amato
Department Head
Cynthia Coleman
Director of External Relations
Margaret M. Fleck
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Elsa Gunter
Associate Head for Academics
Svetlana Lazebnik
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Darko Marinov
Director of Graduate Programs
Eric Shaffer
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Paris Smaragdis
Associate Head for Operations and Infrastructure
Mahesh Viswanathan
Associate Head for Chicago Operations and External Partnerships
Tandy Warnow
Associate Head for Faculty Affairs and Research
Tiffani L. Williams
Associate Head for Broadening Participation in Computing & Director of iCAN Program


Adam Ginsburg
Coordinator of Constituent Awards
Erin Elizabeth Henkelman
Office Manager
Carolyn Hughes
BPC Program Coordinator
Tiffany Gail Joyner
Office Administrator
Ellen Elizabeth Magee
Office Support Associate
Brittney Nicole Shipley
Office Support Specialist
Amy Simons
Administrative Aide