Computer Science + Anthropology

Anthropologists use computational tools and algorithms to analyze large amounts of data either gathered from a field site or by studying online social communities and social networks. Students majoring in CS + Anthropology will have knowledge of how people live and communicate as social beings, which can inform best designs and user interfaces for software.

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Alumni Spotlight: Seth Hubbell

Seth Hubbell, 2014 CS + Anthropology graduate, is a quality assurance software engineer at Bazaarvoice, a ratings review company.  "When I started, I found research that I enjoyed and I found connections across two different fields,” said Hubbell. During his senior year, Hubbell completed a capstone research project with Anthropology Professor Brenda Farnell that included an ethnography study of virtual communities. Hubbell concluded that Twitch, the social video platorm and community for gamers, can be considered a third space comparable to home (1st space) and work (2nd space) where people go to socialize.

In his current job, Hubbell and his colleagues deal with millions of online shoppers’ reviews, and they analyze shopper behavior after they read reviews and see actual products. 

Seth Hubbell
Seth Hubbell (BS CS + Anthro '14)
now works at Bazaarvoice.

“I work with the data scientists,” he said. “My CS + Anthropology degree has helped me understand the scope and implications that come in viewing shoppers’ behavior.”

Seth Hubbell