Yee Memorial Fund Fellowship

This Fellowship has been made possible by a generous bequest of Drs. Warren and Ming Ting Yee. Dr. Warren Yee received his PhD degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois in 1943. Dr. Warren Yee was a partner in the Detroit firm of Harley, Ellington, Pierce & Yee Associates and later was the founder of Bio-Tech Research Laboratory, Inc. in Washington, D.C. Dr. Warren Yee died in 1984.

Dr. Warren Yee was known for thinking of others, especially relatives in China, before he thought of himself. His wife has requested that income from the funds be used to support Chinese graduate students in the College of Engineering. Special consideration will be given to those students who intend to return to China and become faculty members.

Past Winners

2023-2024 Zifeng Wang
2021-2022 Jason Ren
2014-2015 Shijiao Yuwen
2011-2012 Shu Shi
2010-2011 Wanmin Wu