Google PhD. Fellowship

This highly competitive program awards approximately 12 unique fellowships per year. The fellowships are awarded for two years and consist of:

  • tuition and fees
  • $32K yearly stipend (paid over 9 months of the academic year)
  • Google Research Mentor
  • third year extension possible at Google's discretion

Past Winners

Tiffany Wenting Li
Efthymios Tzinis
Yu Meng
2020-2021 Umang Mathur
2019-2020 Umang Mathur
2017-2018 Motahhare Eslami
Jingo Shang
2016-2017 Xiang Ren
2015-2016 Muhammad Naveed
2012-2013 Ankit Singla
Hongning Wang
2010-2011 Maryam Karimzadehgan
2009-2010 Ali Farhadi
Eric Gilbert