Systems and Networking

Working on problems that are directly relevant to industry, our faculty are advancing the state of the art in cloud computing and systems for big data, software defined networks, wired and datacenter networking, Internet of Things, wearable computing, mobile computing, multimedia systems, security, privacy, health-care engineering systems, and cyber-physical systems.

We work collaboratively with industry partners including Google, Microsoft, AT&T, HP, and many others. Our research has also resulted in the creation of several startup companies.

We produce creative and innovative students who become faculty at top-ranked schools, researchers at prestigious labs, and who join cutting-edge companies. Our courses are not just available to on-campus students, but a selection of them are also offered to off-campus students through Coursera MOOCs with enrollment numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Faculty & Affiliate Faculty

Networked Sensing; Intelligent Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications; IoT and Big Data;  Embedded (Cyber-physical) and Real-Time Systems; Machine Learning for CPS; Crowdsensing/Social Sensing; Social Media Analysis; Social Networks in the Age of Information Overload

Distributed Systems, Wireless Embedded Sensor Networks, Multi-Agent Systems

Wireless Networking, Internet-of-Things (IoT), 5G Networks, Algorithms

Security and Availability of Complex Distributed Systems 


Security and Privacy, Distributed Systems 

Design, Analysis, and Verification of Wide-Area Networks and Distributed Systems 

Cloud Computing, Deep Learning Systems, Big Data, Security, Ubiquitous Computing, Micro Kernels, Quantum Computing Systems, Health Data Analytics

Networked, Distributed, and Multirate Hybrid Control Systems

Cloud Networking, Network Verification, Machine Learning for Networks, Internet Architecture and Algorithms

Security, Internet Architecture and Protocols, Smartphones and The Internet-of-Things

Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Internet-of-Things Distributed Systems, Distributed Machine Learning, Industry Production Systems

Secure Systems and Mobile Communications

Computer Systems, Systems Architecture, Systems Security, Memory and Storage Systems

Reliable and Secure Networks and Systems; Measurement and Modeling; Architectures for Genomic Applications; Machine Learning for Systems

Networking, Wireless Networking, Mobile Computing, Internet-of-Things 

Improving Performance and Manageability of Networked Systems

Quality of Service and Quality of Experience, Tele-Immersion, Video 360 Systems, Distributed and Parallel Systems; Real-Time Security in Industry Control Systems, Key Management Protocols, Privacy-Preserving Systems

Security, Privacy, and Information Trust for Computer and Communication Systems 

Applied Cryptography, Computer Security and Distributed Algorithms

 Wireless Networking, Mobile Computing, Sensing Systems 

Real-Time Systems and Scheduling, Cyberphysical Systems, Medical Systems Engineering 

Wireless Sensing and Communication, Wireless Embedded Systems, Cyber-physical Systems

Mobile Computing, Wireless Networking, Internet-Of-Things, Ubiquitous Computing

Operating Systems, Cloud and Datacenter Systems, System Reliability and Resilience, Large-Scale System Management, Configuration Management, Reliability Engineering

Adjunct Faculty

Healthcare Engineering Systems Design, Healthcare Infrastructure 

Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Real-Time Scheduling and Security 

Cloud Computing, Computer-Intensive Data Analytics, Big Data

Distributed Algorithms and Systems, and Wireless Networks

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