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What is the Illinois CS Ambassador Program?

Program Dates: Academic year 2021-22

Participation in undergraduate research is one of the best ways to develop long term substantive relationships between faculty and students, and engagement and long term connection to the department. In the Illinois CS Ambassador programs, up to 20 undergraduate students will be involved in recruitment to the major, mentoring and cohort building among women in the computer science major, and personal development and engagement through undergraduate research. The Illinois CS Ambassador program takes place during the academic year. Ambassadors will receive a stipend to spend 6 to 7 hours per week conducting research and 3-4 hours a week on recruitment, mentoring and cohort building activities for a total of about 10 hours/week. During the summer, CS Ambassadors will serve as mentors during the Illinois CS Kickstart program, providing a welcoming environment for incoming cohorts of students. Students who have previously participated in the Illinois CS Kickstart program are encouraged to apply.

Check back soon for application information!

Illinois CS Ambassadors will :

  • Participate in undergraduate research, developing an ongoing engagement with a faculty mentor and their research group. 
  • Serve as recruitment ambassadors for women who are interested in the CS major.
  • Facilitate and maintain community building activities and departmental connections among undergraduate women in computing
  • Serve as mentors for CS Kickstart cohorts and CA Training courses

CS Ambassador Team

Nancy Amato
Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering
Head of Department of Computer Science

Jancie Harris
Jancie Harris
Broadening Participation in Computing Coordinator