Ray Ozzie Computer Science Fellowship

The Ray Ozzie Fellowship was established in 1996 by Ray Ozzie (BS '79, Hon. D. Eng. '12). Ozzie spent a lot of his time as a CS student programming PLATO, the nation's first computer-based education system. He was a lead programmer for Lotus Symphony before co-founding his own company, Iris Associates, which created Lotus Notes. Later, he co-founded Groove Networks, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2005, where he followed Bill Gates as Chief Software Architect. Later, he founded another start-up, Talko, which was also acquired by Microsoft. This fellowship is available to graduate students enrolled in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering.


2023-2024 Saif Ur Rahman
2022-2023 Ali Reza Ibrahimzada
2021-2022 Christopher Perdriau
Tom Herschberg
2020-2021 Kathleen Isenegger
David H. Smith
Lilia Tang
2019-2020 Zhuolin Yang
2018-2019 Houxiang Ji
Adithya Murali
Kedan Li
2017-2018 Charles Carlson
Rucha Kulkarni
2016-2017 Zhengkai Wu
2015-2016 Siwakorn Srisakaokul
Wing Lam
2014-2015 Ali Kheradmand
Helen Wauck
2013-2014 August Shi
2012-2013 Nicholas Chen
2011-2012 Samuel Mussmann
Brandon Norick
2010-2011 Peter Dinges
2009-2010 Meghana Kshirsagar
2008-2009 Patrick Simmons
2007-2008 Riccardo Crepaldi
2006-2007 Zuoning Yin
2005-2006 Chris Osborn
2004-2005 Sanjit Saluja
2002-2003 Changhao Jiang
2001-2002 Jonathon R. Fischer
2000-2001 Xue Liu
1999-2000 Pengyu Hong
Prasun Sinha
1998-1999 Ming-Hsuan Yang
1997-1998 Sergio Servetto