George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship

The National Research Council’s 2005 study, “Getting Up to Speed,” specifically recommends, “While it is important to keep senior professionals in the field [of supercomputing], it is also important to continue to produce next-generation professionals. Funding models that encourage and support the education of the next generation, as well as those that provide the supercomputing infrastructure needed for their education, are necessary. It is also important that students preparing for a career in high-performance computing have confidence that attractive employment opportunities will continue to exist.”

The George Michael HPC Fellowship Program is designed to directly address this recommendation by honoring exceptional Ph.D. students throughout the world with the focus areas of high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. The HPC Fellowship Program also supports our longstanding commitment to workforce diversity and encourages nominations of women, members of underrepresented groups and all who contribute to diversity.

Past Winners

2014 Harshitha Menon
2013 Jonathan Lifflander
2010 Sara Baghsorkhi (Honorable Mention)
2009 Abhinav Bhatele