B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science

The information on this page is for students entering in Fall 2021 and beyond. Students who entered prior to Fall 2021 should see a CS academic advisor.

Students must complete at least 120 total hours from the following university, college and departmental requirements. For more complete information on college and university requirements, please consult the LAS guidelines here.

See also: Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms

University and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements



4 Composition I
3 Advanced Composition may be overlapped with other requirements and free electives increased.
0-16 Non-Primary Language
24 General Education


Department of Computer Science Requirements



11-12 Calculus through MATH 241 Calculus III
3 MATH 347 Fundamental Mathematics
0-1 Prerequisite flowchart Freshman Orientation (recommended)
4 CS 124 Intro to Computer Science I
3 CS 128 Intro to Computer Science II
3 CS 173 Discrete Structures
1 CS 222 Software Design Lab
4 CS 225 Data Structures

One of the following options:

CS 233 Computer Architecture (4 hours) and CS 241 System Programming (4 hours)


CS 240 Introduction to Computer Systems (3 hours) and two CS courses at the 400 level above CS 403, excluding CS 421, CS 450, and CS 491. These two courses must be distinct from all other courses used to fulfill program requirements or options (6-8 hours).

3 CS 357 Numerical Methods I
4 CS 374 Algorithms and Models of Computation
3 CS 421 Programming Languages and Compilers
3 CS 450 Numerical Analysis
3 MATH 257 Linear Algebra w/Comp. Applications, MATH 415 Linear Algebra, or MATH 416 Abstract Linear Algebra
 15 Advanced mathematics and computer science requirements: Students must select at least one course from each of the following five groups:

Group I

CS 361 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science (recommended)

MATH 461 Probability Theory

STAT 400/MATH 463 Statistics and Probability I

Group II

MATH 412 Graph Theory

MATH (CS) 413 Intro to Combinatorics

MATH 417 Intro to Abstract Algebra

MATH 427 Honors Abstract Algebra

Group III

MATH 441 Differential Equations

MATH 446 Applied Complex Variables

MATH 484 Nonlinear Programming

Group IV

MATH 424 Honors Real Analysis

MATH 444 Elementary Real Analysis

MATH 447 Real Variables

Group V

MATH 414 Mathematical Logic

CS/MATH 473 Algorithms

CS/MATH 475 Formal Models of Computation

CS 476 Program Verification

CS 477 Formal Software Development Methods

120 Total Hours Required

Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms - B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science

Prerequisite flowchart.

Course planning forms provide a checklist of all requirements for the major and a framework for creating four-year plan on the back of the form. These forms vary, depending on when you entered the major.

Students who entered Fall 2021 or later
Students who entered Fall 2018 until Fall 2021
Students who entered Fall 2016 until Fall 2018
Students who entered prior to Fall 2016