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This program is made possible by a generous bequest of Frederic T. and Edith F. Mavis. Dr. Mavis received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from the UniversityofIllinois. He was a professor of civil engineering at several universities and was dean of engineering at the University of Maryland from 1957 until 1967. He died in 1983.

The fund document directs that income from the fund shall be used for "scholarships for students working for their doctorates in the College of Engineering". It is the donors' desire that "those students planning to become engineering teachers be given preference".

Past Recipients

2019-2020 Abdulrahman Hassan Mohmoud
August Shi
Dimitrios Skarlatos
Faria Kalim
Michael Rausch
Mitchell Jones
Umang Mathur
2018-2019 Mengjia Yan
Mohammad Noureddine
Hadi Hashemi
2017-2018 Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi
Vincent Bindschadler
Michael Robson
Faraz Faghri
2016-2017 Faraz Faghri
Raghavendra Potukuchi
Jason Rock
Matthew Sinclair
2015-2016 Matthew Sinclair
2014-2015 Milos Gligoric
Matthew Sinclair
2013-2014 William Mansky
2012-2013 Md Abdul Hassan Samee
2011-2012 Abdullah Muzahid
2010-2011 Sara Baghsorkhi
2009-2010 Joshua Hailpern