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What is Illinois CS Kickstart?

Program Dates: August 16-20, 2021 

Illinois CS Kickstart is a week-long program for students admitted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that aims to empower women in computer science. Up to 60 students will be awarded an on-campus room/board scholarship to attend. Illinois CS Kickstart will serve students who: 

  • Have been admitted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • are curious about computer science
  • have little or no background in computer science

Students who are interested in Illinois CS Kickstart do not need to be a declared CS major to participate. If you are enrolled in CS101, CS105, or CS125 in the fall of your first year, this program is for you. Additionally, up to 60 students who are selected to participate in the program will be awarded a full on-campus room and board scholarship to cover their expenses during the week of the program.

Check back soon for application information!

Illinois CS Kickstart will:

  • Inspire students by showing the breadth and power of CS and introducing students to inspiring role models within the field. 
  • Empower students by providing opportunities to get familiar with the tools used in CS courses and learn the fundamentals of programming. 
  • Inform students about opportunities to pursue a CS minor or major at the University of Illinois and what resources are available to support them. 
  • Connect students by developing a sense of community among participants.
  • Mentor students by providing near-peer mentors and connections to students, staff, and faculty within the department.

CS Kickstart Team

Elsa Gunter
Elsa Gunter
Research Professor and Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies