Trusha Talati

Trusha Talati

Home Institution
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Year Participated

Year in School

REU Faculty Mentor
Reyhaneh Jabbarvand

Research Area Interest
Artificial Intelligence

Project Title

Biography & Research Abstract


To advance the state of neural models for code, the research project focuses on augmenting existing training datasets in such a way that models learn code semantics. The project involves augmenting the dataset of existing neural models for code, retraining them with the new dataset, and assessing the impact of additional data on the performance of these models.


I am Trusha Talati, a fourth-year Computer Engineering Student. My research interests include Machine Learning and Software Engineering. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to explore new things and use my technical skills for the greater good of society. I have previously interned at J.P.Morgan & Chase and Drone School India and thus have worked with a wide range of technologies.