Data Sciences Summer Institute Begins

5/13/2009 11:13:00 AM

A unique 8-week program in the study and practice of knowledge discovery begins this week. The Data Sciences Summer Institute, part of the computer science Multi-Modal Information Access & Synthesis center, combines an intensive course in the mathematical foundations of data sciences with hands-on tutorials, a speaker series featuring experts from academia and industry, and group research projects.

The purpose of the Institute is three-fold: It provides specific and substantive training for the next generation of experts in the field, it serves as a tool for recruiting an experienced group of undergraduates into graduate study in one of the broad fields of information science, and finally, it is an intellectual community center, where participants at all levels of expertise come together in an enriched environment of collaboration and discovery.

The program aims to attract those whose talents or research interests fall into one of several broad technical fields of information science: databases and information integration, natural language processing and information extraction, computer vision, information retrieval and web access, and machine learning and data mining.

Twenty-five students from across the country as well as current UI students will attend the program this year.

For more information about the Data Sciences Summer Institute or about the MIAS research center, visit: or