CS Affiliate professor Huang part of OpenAI-funded project to represent underserved groups in AI development

8/25/2023 Bruce Adams

Written by Bruce Adams

CS Affiliate Professor Yun Huang is part of a team at the Illinois School of Information Sciences collaborating with experts from the University of California-Berkeley and Stanford University to help ensure emerging artificial intelligence (AI) development proceeds in a democratic manner that is mindful of underserved groups. 

OpenAI, Inc., an American artificial intelligence research lab founded in 2015, has awarded a $110,000 grant for the one-year project, "Inclusive AI: A ChatGPT Plugin and DAO for Engaging Vulnerable Groups in AI."  The proposal was one of ten selected for funding from a group of over 800 worldwide proposing means to democratically shape what AI can and cannot do.

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This story was published August 25, 2023.