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Students pursuing a B.S. in CS in the College of Engineering must take one of the following courses:

AE 202 Aerospace Flight Mechanics
ANTH 249 Evolution and Human Disease
ASTR 210 Intro to Astrophysics
ASTR 350 The Big Bang, Black Holes, and the End of the Universe
ATMS 100 Intro to Meteorology
ATMS 120 Severe and Hazardous Weather
ATMS 140 Climate and Global Change
ATMS 201 General Physical Meteorology
BIOE 205 Signals and Systems in Bioenergy
BIOE 206 Cellular Bioengineering
CEE 201 Systems Engrg and Economics
CEE 202 Engineering Risk and Uncertainty
CHEM 102 & 103 General Chemistry I (and lab)
CPSC 112 Intro to Crop Science
CPSC 265 Genetic Engineering Lab
CPSC 270 Applied Entomology
DANC 345 Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology
FSHN 101 Intro Food Science & Nutrition
FSHN 120 Contemporary Nutrition
GEOL 103 Planet Earth PR II
GEOL 107 Physical Geology
GEOL 111 Emergence of Life
GEOL 117 The Oceans
GEOL 118 Natural Disasters
GEOL 143 History of Life
GEOL 208 History of the Earth System
IB 103 Intro to Plant Biology
IB 104 Animal Biology
IB 150 Organismal & Evolutionary Biology
KIN 150 Bioscience of Human Movement
MCB 150 Molec & Cellular Basis of Life
MCB 244 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
NPRE 247 Modeling Nuclear Energy System
NRES 100 Fundamentals of Env Sci
NRES 102 Intro to NRES
PLPA 204 Intro Plant Pathology
PSYC 204 Intro to Brain & Cognition
PSYC 224 Cognitive Psych
PSYC 248 Learning & Memory
SHS 240 Intro Sound & Hearing Science
SHS 280 Communication Neuroscience