CS 598 CAL - Consensus Algorithms

Spring 2021

Consensus AlgorithmsCS598CAL40099E840930 - 1045 W F    Ling Ren

Official Description

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Section Description

This course covers classic results and recent advances in consensus algorithms. The course studies different problem formulations of consensus including Byzantine agreement, broadcast primitives and state machine replication (a.k.a, blockchains); different models and assumptions regarding timing, fault pattern, cryptography, and setup; state-of-art algorithms and lower bounds under various combinations of settings; common algorithm design techniques including randomization, leader-based approach, and quorum systems; Nakamoto?s new permissionless model, longest-chain paradigm, the Bitcoin protocol, its mathematical analysis, proposals to improve Nakamoto consensus; longest-chain protocols with other resources or stake, and their connection to classic consensus algorithms; and recent advances in consensus algorithms inspired by Nakamoto's paradigm.