CS 548 - Models of Cognitive Processes

Fall 2018

Models of Cognitive ProcessesCS548ONL70474ONL4 -    Wai-Tat Fu
Models of Cognitive ProcessesCS548R64710LEC41100 - 1215 T R  1109 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Wai-Tat Fu
Models of Cognitive ProcessesECE548R64711LEC41100 - 1215 T R  1109 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Wai-Tat Fu

Official Description

Formal models and concepts in automated cognition; integrating machine learning and prior knowledge; current approaches and detailed analyses of the role of reasoning in the learning process; computational complexity and fundamental tradeoffs between expressiveness and tractability; implications for state-of-the-art artificial intelligence areas such as automated planning, the semantic web, relational learning, structured prediction, latent models, structure learning, theory formation, etc.; philosophical and psychological aspects of integrating analytic and empirical evidence. Course Information: Same as ECE 548. Prerequisite: CS 440 or CS 446.