CS 435 - Cloud Networking

Fall 2021

Cloud NetworkingCS435CN176265ONL3 -     Brighten Godfrey
Cloud NetworkingCS435CN276266ONL4 -     Brighten Godfrey
Cloud NetworkingCS435MCS76267ONL4 -     Brighten Godfrey

Official Description

Provides a foundational view of computer networks with a focus on enabling modern large-scale cloud computing. The first part of this course studies the principles upon which the Internet and other networks are built, and how those principles translate into deployed protocols. The second part covers how those principles are applied in network infrastructure for modern clouds, enabling deployment of virtual networks on shared infrastructure, efficient transfer of big data and low latency communication, and federation of applications across countries and continents. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Credit is not given for both CS 435 and CS 438/ECE 438. Prerequisite: One of CS 240, CS 241 or ECE 391.