Knight of St. Patrick

The Knight of St. Patrick is an annual award given by the College of Engineering to approximately 10-15 students who represent leadership, excellence in character, and exceptional contribution to the College of Engineering and its students. The award is one of the highest honors received by a student from the College Of Engineering.

Every member society in good standing with Engineering Council receives 2 nominations, and Deans and Department Heads also each receive 2 nominations. The nominees selected by these various groups must complete an application packet and get two letters of recommendation. Unused society applications are put into an application pool where societies wanting more than 2 nominations can request more on a first-come first-serve basis.

The Knights Selection Committee, which is comprised of former Knights and Honorary Knights, reviews the nominations and selects applicants for interviews, which will take place after students return from Winter Break in January.

Based on these interviews, 10-15 people will be selected as Knights of St. Patrick and will be honored at the annual Knights of St. Patrick Ball in March, the Saturday evening of Engineering Open House. An engraved plaque of each Knights class is then permanently hung in the main hallway of Engineering Hall.


2020-2021 Tommy Carver
2019-2020 Nupoor Gandhi
Caren Zheng
2018-2019 Shachi Solanki
2017-2018 Daniel Johnson
Shannon Strum
2016-2017 Dana Chambourova
Sujay Khandekar
2015-2016 Jay Bensal
2014-2015 Matthew Dierker
Marrissa Hellesen
2009-2010 Robert Grzyb
2008-2009 Gavin Rehkemper
2007-2008 Patrick Sykes