Frima Lukatskaya Scholarship in Computer Science

The Frima Lukatskaya Scholarship in Computer Science honors an incoming freshman student in the College of Engineering majoring in Computer Science who demonstrates remarkable passion about programming. This $15,000 scholarship is renewable for up to three additional years with strong academic performance. In addition, the winner of the Frima Lukatskaya Scholarship will have an opportunity to meet with Max Levchin.

The Frima Lukatskaya Scholarship was established by Max Levchin (CS BS '97)--founder of PayPal, Slide, and Glow, past VP of Engineering at Google--in honor of his grandmother, who, through her remarkable life and career in science, taught him that talent and knowledge must be catalyzed by relentless drive to achieve excellence.


2022-2025 Vy Nguyen
2020-2023 Ishani Tarafdar
2018-2021 Allison Quinlan
2015-2019 Robert Kaucic
2011-2015 Alexander Chiang