Duncan H. Lawrie Leadership Award

Professor Duncan H. Lawrie was Head of the Department of Computer Science from 1990-1996. The Duncan H. Lawrie Award is made in recognition of his longtime contributions and services to the Department of Computer Science and the University of Illinois. Lawrie chose to direct the award to undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Computer Science who have demonstrated not only academic achievement, but exemplary student leadership and citizenship. This award is given to a student showing superior qualities of leadership and good citizenship.


2023 Ruidi Huang
2022 Ananya Yammanuru
2021 Dipro Ray
2020 Aishani Pal
2019 Christopher Settles
2018 Katyayni Gupta
2017 Nicholas Kortendick
2016 Jay Bensal
2015 Matthew Dierker
2014 Akash Shah
2013 Corey Fry
2012 Kellie Rios
2011 Melisa Kudeki
2010 Fernanda Mendes
2009 Nicholas Anastas