Douglas P. and Margaret R. Colbeth Scholarship

Established by Doug and Margaret Colbeth in 1995, the scholarship was originally named the Spyglass Endowed Scholarship Fund. Doug was the president of Spyglass Inc., a World Wide Web technology company based in Naperville, Illinois from 1990-2000. Spyglass was co-founded by alumni Tim Krauskopf and Brand Fortner.

In 2000, after Spyglass was acquired, Doug and his wife established the Colbeth Child Mental Health Clinic within the Institute of Juvenile Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine. This state-of-the-art facility diagnoses and treats Chicago area children who suffer from bi-polar disorder, autism, schizophrenia, ADHD and other brain diseases. Doug is also the co-founder and CEO of MedCircle, an organization that aims to help those who live with mental illness find the help they need. The purpose of this scholarship is to attract and retain more women in the field of computer science, and is based on academic merit.


Emily Keller
Firmiana Yi-Tong Wang
Alyssa Flores
Kelly Lin
2021-2022 Elizabeth Codamon
Rory Norman
Haley Shah
2020-2021 Rachel Huang
Patricia Salinas
Kylie Zhang
2019-2020 Alycia Bhargava
Teresa Dong
Emma Korp
2018-2019 Melissa Chen
Jacquelin Oh
Meghan Swain
Emily Vera-Perez
2017-2018 Michelle Campos
Julia Son
2016-2017 Julia Fiorino
Angela Lee
2015-2016 Monika Janas
Ellen Ni
2014-2015 Akvile Puraite
2013-2014 Karolina Rys
Claire Sheong
2012-2013 Kristin Boone
2011-2012 Elizabeth Kelly
Stacy Han
Emily Tran

Anna Galusza
Grace Link

2009-2010 Brianna Birman
Yuwei Chen
Britney Clapp
Nikita Jain
Xue Dan Ma
Tianhui Shi
Christine Wang