Research Facilities Attendant

Research Facilities Attendant - Computer Science

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Research Facilities Attendant

Job Summary
Under general supervision from the Facilities Manager, provide specialized services and assist in converting rooms and
laboratory areas for meetings and other special events in scientific research facilities where state-of- the-art research
equipment is housed. Such facilities might include classrooms and/or auditoriums, conference rooms, rooms and labs with
special fire protection and/or air filtration systems, robotics laboratories or facilities, and other specialized laboratories. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform and assist with set-up of conference rooms, laboratories, classrooms, etc. for events held within the
    Department of Computer Science.
    • Perform all necessary work involved in the conversion of facilities and setup for events, banquets,
    conventions, seminars, holidays, and dinners, including placement of tables, chairs, curtains, and other
    miscellaneous decor.
    • Perform all necessary work involved in converting department facilities back to their original use and
    setup following events. Return all equipment and materials to storage at the conclusion of events.
    • With a focus on customer service, work with event coordinators and hosts to ensure the successful
    outcome of event set-up, asking questions when necessary, pro-actively identifying issues with facility use,
    and identifying and remedying areas of concern with event set-up.
  • Perform and assist with re-allocation and repurposing of space throughout the facility.
    • Perform all necessary work involved in resetting offices for new occupants. Duties may include but
    are not limited to relevant cleaning tasks, removing unnecessary items, furniture rearrangement, and other
    miscellaneous tasks to prepare office space for new occupants.
    • Perform all necessary work involved in resetting laboratory space for new occupants or uses. Duties
    may include but are not limited to relevant cleaning tasks, removing unnecessary items, furniture
    rearrangement, and other miscellaneous tasks to prepare laboratory space for new occupants or new
    • Perform all necessary work involved in resetting/changing common area space. Duties may include
    but are not limited to relevant cleaning tasks, removing unnecessary items, furniture rearrangement, and
    other miscellaneous tasks to prepare common area space for new purposes.
  • Perform specialized custodial services in facility laboratories, common areas, offices, conference rooms,
    auditoriums, classrooms, etc. The custodial services may include mopping, scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning
    fixtures, washing windows and other interior/exterior cleaning as necessary; and cleaning and servicing of
    lavatories, toilet rooms and restrooms as necessary.
    • Respond to urgent request for facility-related services such as spills, broken furniture or equipment,
    leaks, and other building related issues.
    • Ensure resolution of building service requests, including inspection of the building structure,
    equipment, appliances, furnishings, and fixtures contained therein for needed repairs.
  • Assume additional appropriate duties to further the mission of the department.

Physical Demands

  • Standing : Frequently 
  • Walking : Frequently 
  • Stairs : Frequently 
  • Sitting : Frequently 
  • Lifting/Carrying : Frequently 
  • Pushing/Pulling : Frequently 
  • Climbing : Frequently 
  • Balancing : Frequently 
  • Bending/Stooping : Frequently 
  • Kneeling : Frequently 
  • Squatting/Crouching : Frequently 
  • Crawling : Frequently 
  • Reaching : Frequently 
  • Grip/Dexterity : Frequently 
  • Twisting : Frequently 
  • Talking : Frequently 
  • Hearing : Frequently 
  • Repetitive Motions : Frequently 
  • Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination : Frequently 
  • Visual Acuity : Frequently 
  • Physical Exertion : Occasionally 
  • Extreme cold : Frequently 
  • Extreme heat : Frequently 
  • Humidity : Frequently 
  • Wet : Frequently 
  • Noise : Frequently 
  • Hazards : Frequently 
  • Fumes/Particles/Allergens : Frequently 
  • Toxic, Caustic Chemicals : Frequently 
  • Temperature Changes : Frequently 
  • Inclement Weather : Frequently 
  • Heights : Frequently 
  • Work Outdoors : Frequently 
  • Tight Spaces : Frequently 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) : Frequently 

Additional Physical Demands
Majority of work is performed in a well-lighted, air-conditioned environment.

Working Conditions
Majority of work is performed in a well-lighted, air-conditioned environment. 

Minimum Qualifications
High school diploma or equivalent

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • 1. Knowledge of general cleaning methods and techniques. 2. Ability to understand and follow complex technical instructions. 3. Ability to lift heavy objects. 4. Ability to perform closely controlled and purposeful physical movements. 5. Ability to operate custodial equipment and machinery.


Appointment Information
This is a 100% full-time Civil Service 0502 - Research Facility Attendant position, appointed on a 12-month basis. The expected start date is as soon as possible after 2/27/2023. Salary is commensurate with experience. 

For more information on Civil Service classifications, please visit the SUCSS web site at

Application Procedures & Deadline Information
Applications must be received by 6:00 pm (CST) on Feb 24th, 2023. Apply for this position using the Apply Now button at the top or bottom of this posting. In order to be considered as a transfer candidate, you must apply for this position. Applications not submitted through will not be considered. If required by the position, transcripts or other documentation of credentials are to be provided no later than the first day of employment. For further information about this specific position, please contact . For questions regarding the application process, please contact 217-333-2137.


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