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2018 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Douglas MacGregor
Douglas MacGregor

Douglas MacGregor’s career has included key technical and executive roles in industry, and work in the academic world.

MacGregor (MS CS ’80) joined Motorola as the microcoder and micromachine architect for the company’s MC68010 and MC68020 microprocessors. Based on his work, he was awarded 24 patents and the 1985 IEEE Browder J. Thompson Memorial Prize Paper Award (with David S. Mothersole).

He later earned a PhD at Kyoto University, one of the first Americans to earn an engineering degree from a leading Japanese university, and while there founded Solbourne Computer. The joint venture with Matsushita built Sun-compatible workstations and servers.

In 1993, MacGregor joined Dell Computer, where he was general manager of the desktop business, procurement, and the notebook business. He left Dell to become a fellow in a leadership initiative at Harvard Business School.

Now, after completing an MS in cybersecurity from Johns Hopkins University last year, he is building a cybersecurity program as an adjunct professor at Western State Colorado University.