A chance to show off a productive summer!

The Illinois Computer Science Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) provides participants a chance to do high impact and novel research with experts in computer science. During the REU Research showcase, participants will share the culmination of their summer's work with a small academic presentation to their peers and celebrate their foray into research at Illinois.

The showcase is divided into two parts: a short video  and a quick presentation and Q/A session with REU peers and other guests at the REU Research Showcase.

REU Showcase Groups

Tentative groups are shown below. The time slot includes presentation (3 mins), Q/A (3 mins), and a minute of flex.

Presentation Set One, 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

Group 1
12:05 - 12:11: Ananya Yammanuru - Skeleton-Guided Lazy Planning
12:11 - 12:18: Zachary Hamilton - Using Machine Learning and NLP to Teach
                                                                       Code Reading
12:18 - 12:25: Garima Sharma - Scribe Augmented Reality (ScribeAR) Project
12:25 - 12:32: Riki Terada - Making sense of the sensory descriptors space in
                                                  English and other languages
12:32 - 12:39: Yiwei Yang - Implementing data dependency analysis techniques
                                                 to detect order-dependent flaky tests

Group 2
12:05 - 12:11: Mike Qin -  Conflict Resolutions for Multi-Agent Motion Planning
12:11 - 12:18: Haihley Connors - Resolving Racial Health Disparities by Using
                                                                   Advanced Statistics and Machine Learning On
                                                                  Complex Multidimensional Datasets
12:18 - 12:25: Azhar Karypbayeva - Adaptive RRT Open-Source Project
12:25 - 12:32: Matthew Rizen -  Analyzing Binding Site Accessibility using
                                                               Guided Motion Planning
12:32 - 12:39: Benjamin Nguyen - Motion Planning Algorithms and Dynamic
                                                                 Obstacle Navigation
12:39 - 12:46: Wesley Ecoiffier - Motion Planning

External image of Siebel Center.