Yitao Meng

Yitao Meng

Yitao Meng

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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REU Faculty Mentor
Indranil Gupta

Research Area Interest
Artificial Intelligence

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Training large machine learning models with limited memory GPUs can be impossible. Currently most training relies on time-consuming learning-based approaches. Last semester our group worked on a system called Baechi, which adopts an algorithmic approach to the placement problem for running machine learning training graphs on a small cluster of memory-constrained devices. This algorithmic approach has already been implemented on the Tensorflow platform, and is much faster than learning-based approaches, with a limited increase in step time. My goal during the summer is to implement this algorithmic approach on the Pytorch platform and perform experiments.


Hello this is Yitao Meng, I'm a junior student in computer science (with a dual degree in math). I'm interested in big data analysis, AI, distributed system, and I'm planing to go to grad school in related area.