Mustafa Mert Kose

Mustafa Mert Kose

Mustafa Mert Kose

Home Institution
Middle East Technical University

Year Participated

Year in School

REU Faculty Mentor
Reyhaneh Jabbarvand

Research Area Interest
Artificial Intelligence

Project Title
Dataset Augmentation

Biography & Research Abstract



Mustafa Mert Kose is a third-year student at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey where he is majoring in Computer Engineering. His interest in computers started very early when his parents bought their first computer in the early 2000s. Although he wanted to study Computer Science related program he wasn't able to get enough points in university exam to get into the Computer Engineering department at his dream university METU. He rather chose the Aerospace Engineering department. In this department, he took Fortran classes and he enjoyed this course. Then he decided to apply for a transfer to Computer Engineering and his application was accepted. He has been in this department now for 2 years. In the future, he is planning to work in corporate environments and after then he may create his own corporate environment.