Lucas Flygare

Lucas Flygare

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University Of Wisconsin-Madison

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REU Faculty Mentor
Nancy Amato

Research Area Interest
Artificial Intelligence

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Biography & Research Abstract


We have developed a graph for a multi-robot system. The graph accounts for task decomposition, allocation and motion planning information. As a result of the complexity of the graph, the graph search is very costly and takes a long time. In order to fix this we have developed a heuristic in order to make the graph search faster.


I am a rising Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying computer science and applied mathematics. I am originally from San Francisco but both of my parents grew up in Champaign-Urbana. I have spent the past two summers working in Dr. Nancy Amato's lab on robotics and motion planning. I spent the first summer working with interaction biasing in multi-robot systems and I spent the second summer working on heuristic design for a graph search.