Jose Carrillo

Jose Carrillo

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Texas A&M University @ College Station

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REU Faculty Mentor
Nancy Amato

Research Area Interest
Artificial Intelligence

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Biography & Research Abstract


I am working with Irving Solis on Collision Avoidance Templates for Multi-Agent Motion Planning. The idea is to use templates of local interaction to attempt to resolve conflicts locally between robots when possible, especially with regards to Conflict-Based Search implementations in sampled environments. The expected outcome is to find a generic method that can be applied to MAMP problems to improve the speed at which sub-optimal paths are found.


Texas A&M Comp. Sci / Applied Math Double Major. Born and raised in El Paso TX.

I've always liked puzzles, math, and game design. Joining my middle school math club introduced me to programming with the TI graphing calculators we used. In high school, my activities in programming ranged from the pseudo-scripting language of Minecraft command blocks, to contributing to the Android app that controls our high school robotics team’s bot. I also occasionally edited YouTube videos in my spare time, à la Dolan Dark.

You can find me and anything I've been working on at my website, https://ghde.