Carmen Araujo

Carmen Araujo

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Boston University

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REU Faculty Mentor
Sanmi Koyejo

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

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Phase Coupling (PhC) and Amplitude Coupling (AmpC) are two important brain connectivity measures used when analyzing electrophysiological data. PhC quantifies synchrony of phases of two oscillatory signals over time, while AmpC measures similarity of strength of those signals.  A previous study showed that resting state AmpC and PhC only relate in baseline organization, but respond distinctly to stimuli. We wanted to investigate this further focusing on dynamic Functional Connectivity. FC dynamics are made up of a mixture of several hidden brain states. We aimed to disentangle these components of AmpC and PhC dynamics and better understand how they relate.


I am a rising senior at Boston University majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science, so I’m part of both the Neuroscience department and the Computer Science department.  Currently, my interest lies in analytics, primarily those related to education and education research. I want to work for an organization to leverage computational tools in the promotion of science and education. I am also interested in the field of health, particularly mental health. I come from El Salvador so I am a native Spanish speaker. Additionally, I am fluent in French and English.