Systems and Networking

Working on problems that are directly relevant to industry, our faculty are advancing the state of the art in cloud computing and systems for big data, software defined networks, wired and datacenter networking, Internet of Things, wearable computing, mobile computing, multimedia systems, security, privacy, health-care engineering systems, and cyber-physical systems.

We work collaboratively with industry partners including Google, Microsoft, AT&T, HP, and many others. Our research has also resulted in the creation of several startup companies.

We produce creative and innovative students who become faculty at topranked schools, researchers at prestigious labs, and who join cutting-edge companies. Our courses are not just available to on-campus students, but a selection of them are also offered to off-campus students through Coursera MOOCs with enrollment numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

CS Faculty and Their Research Interests

Tarek Abdelzaher sensors; embedded and real-time systems 
Gul Agha distributed systems, wireless embedded sensor networks, multi-agent systems
Adam Bates security
Marco Caccamo real-time and embedded systems, real-time scheduling and security 
Matthew Caesar design, analysis, and verification of wide-area networks and distributed systems 
Roy H. Campbell cloud computing, big data, security, ubiquitous computing 
Brighten Godfrey internet architecture, trustworthy networking, data center network design 
Carl A. Gunter security and privacy for computer systems, healthcare information technology 
Indranil Gupta large-scale distributed systems, cloud computing
Robin Kravets mobile computing, Internet-of-Things, ad-hoc networks 
Sasa Misailovic approximate computing across full system stack 
Sibin Mohan real-time systems, embedded and cyber-physical systems, security, software-defined networking, cloud computing
Klara Nahrstedt multimedia networking, mobile networking, quality of service, network security, smartgrid security 
Lui Sha real-time systems and scheduling, cyberphysical systems, medical systems engineering 
Tianyin Xu joining fall 2018; reliability, security

Affiliated Faculty

Michael Bailey, Electrical & Computer Engineering security and availability of complex distributed systems 
Nikita Borisov,
Electrical & Computer Engineering
security and privacy, distributed systems 
Weng Chew, Electrical & Computer Engineering computational electromagnetics and fast computational algorithms for electromagnetic and multiphysics problems
Geir Dullerud, Mechanical Science and Engineering Networked, distributed, and multirate hybrid control systems
Yih-Chun Hu, Electrical & Computer Engineering secure systems and mobile communications
Romit Roy Choudhury, Electrical & Computer Engineering wireless networking, mobile computing, sensing systems 
Jian Huang, Electrical & Computer Engineering computer systems, systems architecture, systems security, memory and storage systems
Ravi Iyer,
Electrical & Computer Engineering
reliable and secure networks and systems, measurement and modeling, architectures for genomic applications 
David Nicol, Electrical & Computer Engineering security, privacy, and information trust for compute rand communication systems 
William H. Sanders,
Electrical & Computer Engineering
trustworthy computing, distributed systems, smartgrid security
Nitin Vaidya, Electrical & Computer Engineering distributed algorithms and systems, and wireless networks

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Berlin, Carle Hospital healthcare engineering systems design, healthcare infrastructure 
Reza Farivar, Capital One cloud computing, computer-intensive data analytics

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Systems and Networking Research News

Illinois CS alum Doug MacGregor

No Straight Lines: Influential Illinois CS Professors Helped MacGregor Chart Unconventional Course

September 18, 2018   When he arrived at Illinois CS , Doug MacGregor was in a hurry to get an advanced degree and a job. But at Illinois, MacGregor found more than a path to employment.
CS Assistant Professor Adam Bates

Researchers, Police Caution Against Sharing Exercise Routes Online

August 27, 2018  

The Daily Illini -- Tens of millions of users post their running, walking or biking routes online through Strava, a fitness-tracking app, while using a privacy feature they believe would hide their home address. However, their locations could be revealed by a geometry problem so simple a high school freshman could solve it, said Adam Bates, professor in Computer Science.

Assistant Professor Adam Bates

U of I Researchers Find, Fix Fitness App Security Flaws

August 20, 2018  

WAND-TV -- A team of computer science researchers at the University of Illinois, including Assistant Professor Adam Bates, uncovered security flaws in several fitness tracking apps and developed solutions.

Professor Adam Bates and his students are working with Strava and Garmin Connect on security enhancements to their fitness apps.

You Can Run, But Can You Hide?

August 15, 2018   Professor Adam Bates and his students are working with Strava and Garmin Connect on security enhancements to their fitness apps.
Assistant Professor Adam Bates

Cybersecurity: Preventing Hackers From Achieving Their Goals

July 26, 2018  

Illinois Innovators podcast -- When you think cybersecurity, you’re probably thinking about measures to keep hackers out of your network. Illinois CS Assistant Professor Adam Bates is focused on next steps, after an attack begins.