Security and Privacy

At the same time society is increasingly relying on computers, a diverse array of adversaries are exploiting security vulnerabilities in these systems to compromise critical assets. There are also rising privacy concerns about how pervasive collection of data about individuals can be used to predict and manipulate their behavior. Illinois Security and Privacy faculty address security and privacy concerns with both theoretical and applied approaches.

They address security of computer and communication systems including: operating systems; auditing and data provenance; the Internet, wireless networks, and the “internet of things”; cloud computing; approximate computing; quality and resource management; and mobile computing. They also explore techniques related to security and privacy in a data science context such as: technologies for privacy-preserving data sharing based on cryptography, hardware, or generative models; distributed systems, crypto-currencies,  and blockchains; adversarial machine learning; secure computation, zero-knowledge verifiable outsourcing, and related cryptography. These and other techniques are applied to a wide range of applications including: multi-sensory systems and multimedia; human factors and socio-technical considerations; power grids, autonomous vehicles and other cyber-physical systems; healthcare and genomics.

CS Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, and Their Research Interests

Vikram Adve Secure Compilation, Program Analysis, Software Security, Debloating
Adam Bates Systems and Networks, Auditing, Internet of Things Security
Michael Bailey, Electrical & Computer Engineering Networks
Nikita Borisov, Electrical & Computer Engineering Privacy and Networks
Matthew Caesar Network Verification, Software Resilience, Model Checking
Roy H. Campbell Cloud Computing, Big Data, Ubiquitous Computing, Micro Kernels
Christopher Fletcher Hardware Security, Applied Cryptography
Brighten Godfrey Network Infrastructure Security and Verification
Carl A. Gunter Internet-of-Things, Privacy, Data Science,Healthcare, Power Grid
Ravi Iyer, Electrical & Computer Engineering Measures and Models
Dakshita Khurana Secure Computation, Cryptography, Privacy
Robin Kravets Mobile Privacy, Wireless Security
Kirill Levchenko, Electrical & Computer Engineering E-Crime and Cyber-Physical Systems
Bo Li Machine Learning, Privacy Preserving Generative Models
Andrew Miller, Electrical & Computer Engineering Distributed Computing and Cryptography
Sasa Misailovic Approximate Computing across Full System Stack
Sibin Mohan Real-Time and Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet-of-Things, Cloud Computing
Klara Nahrstedt Mobile, Multi-Sensory Systems, Quality and Resource Management, Energy Systems
David Nicol, Electrical & Computer Engineering Modeling and Simulation
Ling Ren Computer Security, Applied Cryptography, Blockchain
William H. Sanders, Electrical & Computer Engineering Trusworthy Computing, Smartgrid
Gang Wang Security and Privacy, Internet Measurement, Human Factors
Yang Wang, School of Information Science Usable Privacy and Security
Tao Xie Mobile, Text Analytics, Testing, Program Analysis

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