Database and Information Systems

data storage in an enclosureThe rapid growth of big data creates unprecedented demand and opportunities for developing powerful intelligent information systems that help people manage and extract knowledge from data.

Our faculty work on a wide range of research problems, tackling the many challenges associated with developing such intelligent systems and their applications. Research includes helping people search and find relevant data and information; mining massive amounts of heterogeneous data sets to discover actionable knowledge; optimizing the entire workflow of data access, analytics, and exploration; and analyzing large social networks and to optimize human-computer collaboration centered on data.

Our faculty work closely with industry, and many of our algorithms are used in a wide range of information system applications, especially in database and data analytics systems, data mining systems, search engines, and web information service systems.

CS Faculty, Affiliated Faculty, and Their Research Interests

Abdussalam Alawini Data Provenance, Scientific Data Management, Data Citation, Workflow Management, Machine Learning
Catherine Blake, School of Information Sciences Text Mining, Information Synthesis, Collaborative Information Behaviors, Recognizing Textual Entailment, Summarization, Evidence-Based Discovery, Meta-Analysis, Socio-Technical Systems
Robert Brunner, Astronomy Cosmological Data Mining
Kevin C. Chang Data Mining, Database Systems, Information Retrieval, Web Search/Mining, Social Media Analytics
Jiawei Han Data Mining, Text Mining, Information Networks, Database Systems, Data Analytics, Data Science Applications
Heng Ji Natural Language Processing, especially on Information Extraction and Knowledge Base Population, as well as its connections with Computer Vision and Natural Language Generation
Daniel S. Katz, NCSA Resilience and Fault-Tolerance, Many-Task Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Sustainable and Open Science Software
Bertram Ludascher, School of Information Sciences Data and Knowledge Management, Scientific Workflow Systems, Data Curation  
Yongjoo Park Database Systems, Big Data Analytics, Approximate Computing, Machine Learning for Systems
Bruce Schatz, Medical Information Science Medical Informatics, Mobile Health
Victoria Stodden, School of Information Sciences Reproducibility in Computational Science, Data Science, Policy Issues Surrounding Open Data/Code Sharing  
Jimeng Sun (joining Spring 2020) Deep Learning for Drug Discovery, Clinical Trial Optimization, Computational Phenotyping, Clinical Predictive Modeling, Mobile Health and Health Monitoring, Tensor Factorization, and Graph Mining
Hari Sundaram Network Analysis, Behavioral Modeling, Applications of Game Theory
Hanghang Tong Data Mining, Network and Graph Mining
Shaowen Wang, Geography and Geographic Information Science Computational and Geographic Information Science; CyberGIS; Multi-Scale Geospatial Problem Solving
Ouri Wolfson, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago Spatial Databases, Computational Transportation, Location-Based Services, Mobile Data Management, Connectomics
ChengXiang Zhai Intelligent Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Big Data Applications

Adjunct Faculty

Aditya Parameswaran, University of California, Berkeley Data Management, Data Mining, Database Theory, Interactive Systems, Crowdsourced Computation 
Dan Roth, University of Pennsylvania Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning 

Database and Information Systems Research Efforts and Groups


The Yahoo!-DAIS Seminar is held on Thursdays at 1 PM in 3403 SC. Students who take the DAIS Seminar for credit can miss up to two seminars. Speakers are announced on the DAIS mailing list (as are other items of interest to the DAIS community). It is quick and easy to subscribe to the DAIS mailing list.

Database and Information Systems Research News

The gathering is a chance to learn from some of the recipients of the top awards in mathematics and computer science.

Five CS Graduate Students Chosen for 2019 Heidelberg Laureate Forum

September 10, 2019   The gathering is a chance to learn from some of the recipients of the top awards in mathematics and computer science.
New faculty bring expertise in everything from natural language processing, robotics, and security to biomedical informatics.

Illinois CS Adds Eight New Faculty, Broadening Expertise in NLP, Security, Robotics, and More

September 5, 2019   New faculty bring expertise in everything from natural language processing, robotics, and security to biomedical informatics.
The Climate Corporation makes $500,000 donation to CS + Crop Sciences

The Climate Corporation Invests in Illinois' CS + Crop Sciences Major

April 30, 2019   The $500,000 gift will provide scholarships in the new CS + Crop Sciences program, training future generations to help secure the world’s food supply.
Professor Jiawei Han

Professor Jiawei Han Named Aiken Endowed Chair

February 7, 2019   Han is the second-ever Aiken Chair, a position he plans to use to maintain Illinois' leadership in data-mining research.
Teaching Assistant Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider

Wired In: Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider

January 20, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- "I am able to spend the majority of my time working with (primarily undergraduate) students as a result of joining a very new and non-traditional track of the faculty. ... This frees me up to work with students on large, impactful projects, focus on teaching new and innovative courses, and sharing the work we do at Illinois with the broader community."