NCSA Director and CS Professor William D. Gropp

NSF awards Illinois funding for a deep learning research instrument

October 24, 2017   CS and NCSA researchers have received $2.7 million from the NSF to build a dedicated research instrument to expand deep learning research and lay the groundwork for deep neural networks.
The $1.2 billion Discovery Partners Institute will serve the entire state of Illinois.

Illinois governor announces that U of I System will lead Chicago-based research institute

October 19, 2017   Targeting innovation and economic growth, the $1.2 billion Discovery Partners Institute will serve the entire state of Illinois, initially opening with up to 50 faculty.
William Dunn (BS CS '86, MS CS '87)

William Dunn’s New Gift Matched by Grainger Foundation, Improves Access to CS @ ILLINOIS Education

October 19, 2017   Dunn recently joined a growing list of CS @ ILLINOIS graduates leveraging matching funds from the Grainger Foundation.
CS Professor Ranjitha Kumar

Can good design be cost-effective? Kumar leads team that builds massive database of mobile-app designs

October 18, 2017   Rico, the largest repository of mobile app designs ever collected, promises to simplify and economize the design process.

Top CS @ ILLINOIS Students Named 2018 Siebel Scholars

October 18, 2017   As a result of their outstanding academic record and leadership, five students will receive $35,000 during their final year of study.
CS Research Assistant Professor Sibin Mohan

Illinois researchers to develop more secure containers for computing environments

October 9, 2017   Research Assistant Professor Sibin Mohan is among a group of researchers who have been awarded a $6.1 million grant from the Office of Naval Research.
CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher

Illinois receives $25 million to develop Internet of Battlefield Things

October 4, 2017   CS Professor Tarek Abdelzaher is the academic lead of a multi-institution effort seeking to understand and exploit the unique capabilities of next-generation networked battlefield systems.
Leslie Pack Kaelbling

Donald B. Gillies Memorial Lecture in Computer Science: Leslie Pack Kaelbling

October 4, 2017   Dr. Leslie Pack Kaelbling will discuss progress towards developing an integrated approach to solving very large problems in intelligent robotics.
CS PhD student Everett Hildenbrandt

CS @ ILLINOIS student uses a tool called K to build a path towards more secure blockchains

October 3, 2017   CS PhD student Everett Hildenbrandt has created a verification engine for Ethereum's smart contracts.
Dr. Eva Tardos

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Eva Tardos

October 2, 2017   On October 9, Dr. Eva Tardos will present her research on learning algorithms.
Eight outstanding new faculty members are joining CS @ ILLINOIS during the next academic year.

CS @ ILLINOIS welcomes eight new faculty

September 21, 2017   Eight outstanding new faculty members are joining CS @ ILLINOIS during the next academic year. In total, thirty-six talented teachers and researchers have joined the department since 2013.
Utpal Banerjee

Utpal Banerjee, Illinois graduate whose work transformed parallel computing, dies at 74

September 20, 2017   Banerjee's work had a profound impact on parallel computing. His fast, effective data-dependence test has been widely used for developing compilers.
CS Assistant Professor Andreas Kloeckner

Kloeckner wins NSF CAREER Award to make computer simulation faster, cheaper

September 20, 2017   Kloeckner looks to create better, more versatile solvers for elliptic PDEs in order to improve large-scale simulations.
CS 598 students wrote software for driverless cars provided by AutonomouStuff.

Class gives CS students a chance to program an actual autonomous vehicle

September 20, 2017   Last spring, a major component of "Autonomous Vehicles in AI" was for students to write software for driverless vehicles provided by AutonomouStuff.
Dr. Ben Raphael

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Ben Raphael

September 20, 2017   On September 25, Dr. Ben Raphael will present his research on cancer genomics.
Teaching Assistant Professors Mattox Beckman and Geoffrey Herman

New grants are aimed at improving CS teaching tools

August 21, 2017   Teaching Professors Mattox Beckman and Geoffrey Herman have each been awarded campus grants funding pilot projects aimed at improving teaching tools and methods.
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

CS @ ILLINOIS team tests problem-solving skills at ICPC 2017

August 21, 2017   The CS @ ILLINOIS ACM ICPC team had its best finish at the World Finals since 2009, completing four problems.
Professor Sarita Adve

Sarita Adve Joins DARPA group that keeps an eye out for technological surprises, opportunities

August 21, 2017   Professor Sarita Adve joins DARPA's ISAT Study Group: 30 scientists and engineers who are helping to identify future directions for computer and communications research.

Gear Establishes Legacy Gift to CS

August 16, 2017   Bill Gear and his wife Ann Lee Morgan have established a bequest that will provide financial support to CS @ ILLINOIS students and/or faculty, depending on the future value of their residual estate. 
Professor Emeritus William Kubitz

Professor Emeritus and former Associate Department Head William Kubitz dies at 78

August 9, 2017   CS @ ILLINOIS is deeply saddened to note the passing of Professor Emeritus and former Associate Department Head William Kubitz.