Media Coverage

A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar Tarek Abdelzaher

Professor Abdelzaher Joins The Internet of Things Podcast

October 3, 2018  

The Internet of Things Podcast -- CS Professor Tarek Adbdelzaher discusses his work on cyber-physical systems, including IoT, with host Mike Green. "With IoT, you can think of smart cities. ... There are great opportunities on the horizon."

Eight Master's Degree Programs From Top Universities That Are Available Entirely Online

October 2, 2018  

Business Insider -- If you're looking to add a masters degree to your résumé, online classes may quickly reveal themselves as your most convenient and cost-effective option. The Master of Computer Science in Data Science (MCS-DS) is designed for students to gain access to the computational and statistical knowledge needed to turn big data into meaningful insights.

Assistant Professor Adam Bates

UI Strengthens Online Security Measures

October 1, 2018  

The Daily Illini -- “If someone found out your password, they’d be able to access all of your data. Now, with 2FA, they also need to break into your house and get your phone," Assistant Professor Adam Bates said.

C3 IoT Chairman and CEO Tom Siebel

Unregulated Social Media 'Threatens The Very Roots Of Freedom'

September 28, 2018  

CNBC -- Tom Siebel, C3 IoT chairman and CEO and a graduate of Illinois Computer Science, discuss the prospects for regulation of tech and social media companies.

Incoming CS Department Head and Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering Nancy Amato

Study: Men Outnumber Women Nearly 2-to-1 In STEM Roles On TV, Movies, Which May Discourage Girls From Tech Careers

September 27, 2018  

Chicago Tribune -- Nancy Amato was in graduate school when “The X-Files” was a staple. Now Amato is set to become the first woman to head the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois. She says she was probably influenced by both real-life role models in science and those on TV and in movies. The story also was carried by and The Virginian-Pilot.

Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science

Illinois College Road Trip: University of Illinois

September 26, 2018  

U.S. News & World Report -- "There are ample opportunities for cross-disciplinary study, such as with the programs in agricultural and consumer economics or interdisciplinary health sciences. In a recently developed set of degrees called CS + X, students explore computer science through the lens of another subject, such as chemistry, linguistics or music."

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

American Life Expectancy Vs. European: It's Not About 'Socialized Medicine'

September 25, 2018  

Mises Wire -- "When you are sitting in a car, you are doing nothing, so your body is burning the least amount of energy possible. And if you are eating food in your car, it becomes even worse." -- Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson, in a column that cites a paper he co-authored in 2011.

CS Assistant Professor Edgar Solomonik

Millions In Federal Funding Awarded For Quantum Research

September 25, 2018  

Pasadena Now -- The National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy have announced new funding awards for quantum-related research. Co-PIs include Illinois CS Assistant Professor Edgar Solomonik. co-founder and CEO Adam Odessky

The Ultimate Physician’s Assistant

September 21, 2018  

Forbes -- “Virtual nurses add value by allowing doctors and nurses to do their jobs more efficiently by handling workflow communications tasks [for them]. A lot of those tasks could be automated." -- Adam Odessky (BS CS '00), co-founder and CEO of

Director of External Relations Cynthia J. Coleman

No Suits, No Resumes: Chicago Companies Go Beyond Career Fairs To Woo Next Generation Of Tech Talent

September 20, 2018  

Chicago Tribune -- The interview process is not enough to sway Illinois CS junior Joseph Sieger to accept a job. Students like him are in high demand. In the search for tech talent, Chicago companies woo students with trips or even treats like coffee and doughnuts to compete with Google and Facebook. "They have to do multiple different things to get their branding in front of the students,” department Director of External Relations Cynthia J. Coleman said.

Incoming Department Head Nancy Amato

Chicago Inno’s 2018 50 On Fire

September 19, 2018  

Chicago Inno -- Incoming Department Head Nancy Amato and Farmers Fridge -- whose CTO is Rajesh Karmani (PhD CS '13)  -- were both part of Chicago Inno's annual 50 on Fire list of people and companies influencing the direction of the Chicago-area tech scene.

CS Professor John C. Hart

On-Ramps and Off-Ramps: Alternative Credentials And Emerging Pathways Between Education And Work

September 19, 2018  

Inside Higher Ed -- Much of the action with alternative credentials and pathways is occurring with online graduate programs. The University of Illinois is at the forefront of this experimentation. Faculty members teach the online courses with equal rigor to the parallel campus-based version, according to Illinois CS Professor John C. Hart. (Report is behind a pay wall, key excerpts available here).

Affirm co-founder and CEO Max Levchin

LinkedIn Top Startups 2018: The 50 Most Sought-After Startups In The U.S.

September 6, 2018  

LinkedIn -- Lending startup Affirm comes in at No. 24 on LinkedIn's list of Top 50 Startups. Illinois CS alum Max Levchin (BS CS '97) is the CEO and co-founder of San Francisco-based Affirm.

Google Chrome Director of Engineering Parisa Tabriz

Google Chrome Celebrates 10th Birthday With Major Redesign Up Its Sleeve

September 4, 2018  

Design Taxi -- In 10 years Google Chrome has risen to become the most popular web browser. In celebrating the milestone, Google teased a surprise slated to arrive soon. "I'm so excited to share the @googlechrome 10th birthday update... COMING THIS WEEK!," Illinois CS alum and Google Chrome Engineering Director Parisa Tabriz said via her Twitter account.

CS Professor Karrie Karahalios

Facebook, Twitter Will Face GOP Questions of Political Bias at Congressional Hearings

September 4, 2018  

Variety -- Tech companies keep algorithms secret for competitive reasons, but that has led to alternative -- often incorrect -- explanations of how they work. A study by U. of Illinois researchers, including CS Professor Karrie Karahalios, found that Facebook users often develop their own “folk theories” about how it curates its newsfeed.


Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science and National Center for Supercomputing Applications Professor Bill Gropp

University Supercomputers Are Science's Unsung Heroes, And The Fastest Yet Is On The Way

August 30, 2018  

Popular Science -- “The machines are all over subscribed,” Bill Gropp, Illinois CS Professor and director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, says as work starts for what will be the next, fastest supercomputer, Frontera. Illinois' Blue Waters has been used to do things like model an enormous EF-5 tornado and to produce maps of Alaska.


Assistant Professor Adam Bates

Researchers Show Alexa “Skill Squatting” Could Hijack Voice Commands

August 30, 2018  

Ars Technica -- The success of Internet of Things devices such as Amazon's Echo and Google Home has created opportunities for developers, but, according to research by Profs. Adam Bates and Michael Bailey from the University of Illinois, also the potential to exploit some of the idiosyncrasies of voice-recognition machine-learning systems for malicious purposes.

Proposed new DPI campus

Even With $500 Million, How Real Is U Of I Tech Campus?

August 29, 2018  

Crain's Chicago Business -- "The Department of Computer Science isn’t moving to Chicago. We’re not creating a fourth campus. We’re creating something new and innovative," said Bill Sanders, a University of Illinois Engineering professor and the new interim director of the Discovery Partners Institute.

Assistant Professor Adam Bates

Fitness Trackers Not The Safest Route

August 28, 2018  

The (Champaign) News-Gazette -- If you use a fitness tracker and post workouts online, you may be sharing the location of your home. University of Illinois computer science professor Adam Bates says, “Everyone is becoming much more aware of the privacy risks on social networks. But no one is talking about fitness networks."

CS student Asher Dale

This Student’s App Will Make You Happy

August 27, 2018  

Boston Magazine -- Asher Dale has good reasons to be happy. For one, he’s celebrating the release of his first app, based on the “Three Good Things” method (originally published in 2017).