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Prior to the establishment of Click! magazine, CS published its Alumni News on a irregular basis. Below are links to PDFs of these issues. In addition, we have listed some selected content highlights from each issue to give you a taste of what is contained in each issue.

2009 Spring CS Alumni News

2009 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Alumnus Bill Schaeffer releases a CD of music he composed on the PLATO system.
  • David Forsyth and Jiawei Han received IEEE honors
  • Building an automated writing assistant
  • Universal Parallel Computing Research Center, an joint research venture with Microsoft and Intel, was launched.

2008 CS Newsletter

2008 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Klara Nahrstedt and Jennifer Hou named IEEE Fellows
  • David Padua named an ACM Fellow
  • Alumnus Tom Siebel pledged $100 million to the university to support collaborative work to address major problems and opportunities facing humankind

CS Spring 2007 Newsletter

2007 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Marianne Winslett named an ACM Fellow
  • Marc Snir named an AAAS Fellow
  • Lui Sha invested as Donald B. Gillies Chair in Computer Science
  • Department of Homeland Security grant established the Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis (MIAS) Center at Illinois
  • "House of Imagination" and "Bench of Opportunity" sculptures added to Siebel Center grounds

Winter 2006 CS Alumni News

2006 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Yuanyuan Zhou received an IBM Faculty Award, a DOE Early Career Principal Investigator Award, and the Anita Borg Career Award.
  • Sarita Adve received an IBM Faculty Award
  • ChengXiang Zhai received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).
  • Indy Gupta, Grigore Rosu, and Mahesh Viswahathan received NSF CAREER Awards.
  • CS student Anthony Cozzie won the 13th Word Computer Chess Championship

Fall 2004 CS Alumni News

2004 Fall

Content highlights:
  • Siebel Center Grand Opening
  • Roy Campbell invested as first Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professor in Computer Science
  • New Programs strengthen ties with industry and alumni

Fall 2003 CS Alumni News

2003 Fall

Content highlights:

  • Siebel Center dedication slated for spring
  • CS celebrates three faculty investitures (Michael Heath, Klara Nahrstedt, and Marc Snir)
  • Revised undergraduate curriculum
  • Senior projects: real-life experience

2003 Winter CS Alumni News

2003 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Ethics and professionalism in computing
  • Siebel Center construction photos
  • CS summer camps a success

Summer 2002 CS Alumni news

2002 Summer

Content highlights:

  • Prof. Saburo Muroga retires.
  • Steve Sullivan (PhD ECE '96) spoke on campus on computer vision.
  • Historical marker placed in front of west doors of DCL.
  • Crowds take CS challenge at EOH


Winter 2001 CS Alumni News

2001 Winter (Vol. 2 No. 7)

Content highlights:

  • Marc Snir becomes 8th head of the department
  • Kubitz, Ray, and Saylor retire
  • Tom Siebel receives Presidential Award and Medallion

Summer 2001 Alumni Newsletter

2001 Summer

Content highlights:

  • Gear receives Alumni Achievement Award from UIAA
  • Reed steps down as department head
  • Alumnus Andy Yao wins Turing Award


CS Alumni News Vol. 2, No. 4

2001 Winter / January (Vol. 2 No. 4)

Content highlights:

  • Abbasis endow professorship and fellowship
  • First IMCS graduates attend commencement
  • Max Levchin and Luke Nosek: Pals and PayPals
  • Hughes endows software engineering award
  • Olympian Karen Kurreck (BS '84)

Summer 2000 CS Alumni News

2000 Summer

Content highlights:

  • Tom Siebel's $32 million gift to the department for the Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science announced.
  • Department Head Dan Reed takes over the helm of the National Computational Science Alliance.
  • Geneva Belford recalls her student, Tom Siebel.
  • Siebel Scholars program established.

Winter 1999 CS Alumni News

1999 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Establishment of White Chair, Muroga Professorship, and Cheng Fellowship
  • "The New World of Internet Education"
  • Professor Mike Faiman retires
  • UIUC trio makes Wall Street Journal

Spring 1999 CS alumni news

1999 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Lecture to honor Mueller-Thuns
  • Josh Baer's journey from art to CS and back
  • Jim Oberweis: Specialist in extraordinarily rapidly growing companies

Fall 1998 CS Alumni News

1998 Fall

Content highlights:

  • MCS degree online: First time is in India
  • Farewell to outgoing faculty Dave Liu, Duncan Lawrie, George Friedman, Andrew Chien, Sharad Mehrotra, and Caroline Hayes
  • Supercomputing legend Steve Chen
  • Brian Totty: Software adventurer extraordinaire

Winter 1997 Alumni News

1997 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Department welcomes new faculty members Shang-Hua Teng and Dan Roth
  • Tom Siebel leads Siebel Systems
  • Sohaib Abbasi at Oracle
  • Two California VCs from DCL: David E. Gold and E. David Crockett
  • Jeff Glickman investigates Bigfoot
  • ACM hosts third annual fall conference

1997 Summer

Content highlights:

  • Cyberfest a spectacular hit
  • Ozzie wins COE Alumni Award
  • Computer Science Cyberfest Forum
  • Deep Blue wins: A triumph for Joe Hoane
  • Student spotlight: Knights of St. Pat honorees Jennifer Mozen and Keith Wessel

1996 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Cyberfest preview
  • A conversatin with Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++
  • Vosaic: With a V for video
  • Mike Heath heads CSE program
  • Alpha Shapes: Herbert Edelsbrunner and Ping Fu open visual doors to the unknown
  • Reingold and Dershowitz create a Digital Calendar Library
  • Eric Bina on life at Netscape

1996 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Dan Reed succeeds Duncan Lawrie as head
  • Tim Krauskopf and Spyglass keep local ties
  • A conversation with Mark Tolliver of Sun
  • DCL Library moves to Grainger
  • Joe Hoane and Deep Blue
  • A look at the history of ACM at Illinois
  • Mary Jane Irwin: From ACM student to ACM Fellow

1995 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Results of undergrad curriculum survey
  • The newCS curriculum
  • Greg Chesson: Godfather of networking
  • Fontaine Richardson: from land of corn to codfish
  • Richard Cheng finds success with ECI
  • Maurice Wilkes: A pioneer returns to Illinois
  • First Charm School held October 1994

Winter 1994 alumni news

1994 Winter

Content highlights:

  • Illinois's Boys Make Noise: Three alumni companies that are developing Mosaic
  • Japanese alumni share their stories

Spring 1994 alumni news

1994 Spring

Content highlights:

  • Alumni Board works to establish infrastructure
  • Steve Dorner's Eudora: "Bringing the post office to where you live"
  • Ed Krol and The Whole Internet
  • Dave Liu receives top IEEE and ACM honors
  • The Foundation, the Aumni Association: What's the difference?
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