Department News

David Kuck

Kuck Inducted into the Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame

September 14, 2015   Retired CS and ECE Professor David J. Kuck was inducted into the Engineering at Illinois Hall of Fame.
Siebel Center

Five CS Students Named Siebel Scholars

September 13, 2015   Five students in CS @ ILLINOIS have been named Siebel Scholars for the Class of 2016.
Lui Sha

Sha Selected for NASA Advisory Council

September 1, 2015   CS Professor Lui Sha has been appointed to the Aeronautics Committee of the NASA Advisory Council.
Roy Campbell

Air Force Gives $2 Million Grant to Develop Secure Cloud Computing Technology

August 19, 2015   A research center led by Roy Campbell received a $2 million grant from the Air Force.
4-H camp on computing

4-H Camp Pilots New Computing Curriculum

August 6, 2015   CS Professor Lenny Pitt led a two and a half day program on computing for a 4-H summer camp.
Robin Kravets is leading two new initiatives at Illinois funded by Google.

Illinois Funded by Google on Innovative Mobile-First, Open Web of Things Initiatives

August 2, 2015   Researchers from CS @ ILLINOIS have been funded by Google on two new initiatives.
News story image

Alumni Startup Lumenous Receives SBIR Funding from NSF

July 23, 2015   Lumenous, a startup founded by three CS alumni, has received a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the NSF.
Schatz motion sensor app

MoveSense App Makes Cellphone an Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Heart and Lung Patients

July 22, 2015   A new app developed at Illinois enables patients' oxygen levels to be monitored with a cellphone.
Saurabh Sinha and Gene Robinson

Genomics Among the Biggest of Big Data, Experts Say

July 6, 2015   DNA sequencing data will require computational storage capabilities well beyond previous estimates.
John Criswell

Criswell Receives 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention Award

July 5, 2015   John Criswell received a 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention Award presented by ACM in June.
VR course teaches latest technology

Virtual Reality Course Brings Students to the Forefront of Technology

June 7, 2015   Professor Steven LaValle's new virtual reality course brings the latest technology to CS @ ILLINOIS students.
robotic copter

Illinois Researchers Building First Autonomous Vision-Based Robotic System for Monitoring Construction Projects

June 2, 2015   Derek Hoiem is part of a research team developing a robotic system to monitor construction projects.
Steven LaValle MSI exhibit

LaValle Featured in MSI’s Robot Revolution Exhibit

May 27, 2015   Steven LaValle is one of the robotics scientists featured in a new robot exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Mylene Haus

CS Undergraduate Haus Embraces Arts and Computing

May 27, 2015   CS sophomore Mylene Haus participated in a university production of Legally Blonde the Musical.
JPL Space Design Competition

CS Students Prevail in Planetary Rover-Landing Competition

May 21, 2015   Three CS graduate students were part of a team that won a JPL-NASA-sponsored Space Design competition.

Study: Gene Regulation Underlies the Evolution of Social Complexity in Bees

May 13, 2015   A new genomic study of bees offers insights into genetic changes that accompany the evolution of bee societies.
Roger Dickey

Engineer in Residence Roger Dickey Provides Insight on Startups

May 10, 2015   Roger Dickey (BS CS ’05) served an Engineer in Residence and took part in a question and answer session for students.
Romit Roy Choudhury

Roy Choudhury Receives SIGMOBILE RockStar Award

May 10, 2015   Romit Roy Choudhury was recently awarded the 2015 ACM SIGMOBILE RockStar Award.
Major League Hacking

Illini Hackers Receive National Collegiate Award

May 10, 2015   Major League Hacking presented Illini Hackers with a first-place award for the fall 2014 North American season.
Marrissa Hellesen

A Wild Ride for One Illinois Computer Science Student from High School Dropout to Graduation

May 6, 2015   CS senior Marrissa Hellesen went from high school dropout to award winning CS @ ILLINOIS student.