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CS@Illinois Welcomes Brighten Godfrey to the Faculty

10/20/2009 10:39:00 AM Forrest Iandola

The University of Illinois department of computer science is pleased to welcome professor Brighten Godfrey to the faculty.  Godfrey brings a new approach to internet architecture to the computer science department.

Prof. Godfrey’s research focuses on developing a new model, or “virtual topology,” for routing data on the internet.  In the current internet framework, data routing is controlled by routers owned by internet service providers and content providers.  However, in Godfrey’s model, individual internet peers have more control over where their data goes.  For example, if connection unexpectedly closes, numerous routers would have permission to reroute data. 

Godfrey’s model of more accommodating permissions allows for a more scalable network.  Network scalability will play a key role in internet reliability as internet usage continues to increase globally. As demonstrated by extensive testing, increased flexibility in data routing control allows for a faster, more secure, more reliable internet.  From an internet user’s perspective, Godfrey’s data routing model offers the potential for faster download speeds and increased reliability for voice over internet protocol service.

Godfrey’s expects to take full advantage of the department’s focus on interdisciplinary research and the opportunities for collaboration with a diverse group of faculty and student researchers in furthering his research mission. 

In addition to his research, Godfrey enjoys teaching, and he spends much of his time with students.  The presence of a strong group of talented, creative, innovative engineering students was critical to Godfrey’s decision to join Illinois, because he intends to work extensively with students on research.