The Siebel School of Computing and Data Science is one of the largest computer science departments in the nation; with top-tier students and world-class faculty, we are leading the future of computing. We are preparing our students to be the next generation of leading entrepreneurs, researchers, scholars, academicians, and industry giants. Our alumni have pivotal roles in nearly every high-tech company in this country and worldwide.

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We can help you create a custom recruiting strategy for your company.

The Career Center at Illinois offers opportunities to reach students from a wide variety of majors or for positons that do not require a specific major. They can also assist in connecting recruiters with unit-specific career services.

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Engineering Career Services (ECS) offers a wide range of services and programs to assist you with your recruiting needs and in accessing the more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from top-ranked programs within the College. Companies can post to the Handshake online job board for free. And job-seeking Engineering at Illinois alumni also have access to post resumes on Handshake.

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For companies who are looking to recruit exclusively CS and ECE students, please explore our Corporate Connection Affiliates Program or start with some of our Ad Hoc Events opportunities.

Corporate Affiliates Program

The Corporate Connection provides a main point of entry for partnering with the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering. Your company should join the Corporate Connection if it:

  • Is committed to recruiting at Illinois
  • Hires or would like to hire ECE and/or Siebel School of Computing and Data Science students
  • Wants to collaborate with leading experts to address research challenges
  • Is looking for input into education, curriculum development, and research direction
  • Would like a high level of service that is coordinated, efficient, and effective

Ad Hoc Events

Even if The Corporate Connection is not a fit for you, we can still work with you to get your messaging to our students and the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science community. Some examples of popular events to host at the Siebel Center for Computer Science are:

  • Tech talks
  • Corporate days
  • HACKS/competitions

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Work with student groups

Student Organizations have many opportunities for companies to engage. We encourage you to learn about them and connect with them directly, or the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science can advise you on what student organizations might be the best fit for your company.

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Senior Design

Sponsor a CS 492/4 Senior Design project, which allows company representatives to pitch their projects to all the enrolled students at the start of the fall semester. After reviewing student resumes, company reps can help select students for their projects.

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Research Collaboration

The Siebel School of Computing and Data Science has a global reputation for developing revolutionary technology--where groundbreaking research addresses real-world problems. The demand for computer science research, education, and application has exploded because computing underpins almost every aspect of modern life. The arts, science, business, medicine, and engineering all benefit from the computational power, modeling, and thinking found in computer science. Our faculty and students bring their expertise to many of society's most challenging problems.

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Our collaborative culture allows industry partners to learn from and work with some of the best computer science faculty in the world. Our internationally recognized faculty include numerous ACM Fellows, IEEE Fellows, Sloan Research Fellows, and NSF CAREER Award winners. And our faculty generate well over  $30 million in research expenditures yearly. The Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science has some of the best classrooms, research and instructional labs, and informal meeting spaces on the Illinois campus.

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Innovation is our business—partner with us to make it yours.

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