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What is the Course Assistant Training?

This course is designed for students working as or interested in becoming a Course Assistant (CAs) in the computer science department. The goal of the course is to help students learn the skills and knowledge they need to be awesome Course Assistants (i.e., encouraging and impactful). Topics include: (a) principles of learning, (b) motivating students, (c) tutoring practices, (d) encouraging effective collaboration, (e) grading practices, (f) developing a positive classroom community, and (g) ethical considerations. Current Course Assistants who have not completed the course are encouraged to enroll. Students can participate entirely asynchronously.

Who Should Participate?

The Course Assistant Training is open to any student who is working as or interested in becoming a Course Assistant in the computer science department.

Course Dates and Format

The course is offered every semester and can be taken either synchronously with the instructor or asynchronously online.

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About the Professor

Colleen Lewis is an Assistant Professor of computer science (CS) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Lewis was previously the McGregor-Girand Associate Professor of CS at Harvey Mudd College. At the University of California, Berkeley, Lewis completed a PhD in science and mathematics education, an MS in computer science, and a BS in electrical engineering and computer science. Her research seeks to identify and remove barriers to CS learning and understand and optimize CS learning. Lewis curates, a NSF-sponsored project for disseminating effective CS teaching practices. Lewis has received the Undergraduate Mentoring Award and the Emerging Leader Award for her efforts to broaden participation in computing. 

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