CS Student Opportunity Series (CS SOS)

Welcome to the CS Student Opportunity Series!

The CS Student Opportunity Series (SOS) provides tools and resources for undergraduate students in CS majors to grow academically, professionally, and personally.  Each semester, students hear presentations from experts about a variety of topics.  

Thanks to students from CS Registered Student Organizations, each presentation includes a student panel to help CS students practically implement strategies for success.

Drinks and snacks are provided at each on-campus event. SOS events will remain virtual until further notice.

SOS Communi-Tea

Communi-Tea events will return in Fall 2022. Stay tuned and stay well!

We can talk about classes, changes to instruction, job hunts, stressful things, new games, or other topics that are meaningful to you. Bring your own tea or coffee and connect with CS students and advising in this weekly event. No worries if you cannot join at the beginning or stay the whole time--join when you are available. All are welcome!

CS Student Opportunity Series

Presentations offered in partnership with the following: the College of Engineering Embedded Counselor, CS Student Organizations, Engineering Career Services (ECS), Illinois Leadership Center (ILC), and Counseling Center Paraprofessionals (CCP).
Download PDF // More information, including self-help brochures, can be found on the Counseling Center webpage. Check out the new Counseling Center YouTube Channel for recorded presentations to help with your academic journey!

Spring 2022 Presentations:

The CS department will not offer SOS presentations in Spring 2022. Stay tuned for Fall 2022 events!

We are happy to endorse these events offered by campus partners:

And check out these great opportunities offered by CS RSOs and course instructors:

  • This semester, the WCS Social committee is introducing "Study Socials". You can meet people in your classes this semester, and go on study socials with your formed groups to prepare for your classes. We will be grouping you as we receive more form responses, and will put you in contact with other people in your group. Fill out this form to get started!
  • CS 128 Study Tables Saturdays from 2 to 3:30 pm in Siebel Center 2405. More information in the CS 128 course forum.
  • CS 241 Study Tables Saturdays from 3:30 to 5 pm in Siebel Center 2405. More information in the CS 241 course page.

Past Presentations available for review via CS SOS Media Space Channel

Addressing Mental Health Basics
Today's Job Search (ECS)
Distant Socializing & Staying Socially Active
Study Techniques & Environments (CCP)
Anxiety & Stress Management
Job Search During a Pandemic (ECS)