Viyath Fernando
Viyath Fernando

Viyath Fernando

Years of professional experience?

Year that you started the iCAN program

  • 2022

What was your major and background?
I majored in chemistry, and I have completed significant additional coursework in biology, biochemistry, economics, and linguistics.

Research/Engagement Experience

What are your interests within computer science?
My current interests are programming languages, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer science education.

Project Title

How did you get interested in Computer Science?
I started self-studying it for my job as a tutor, and gradually found that I wanted to learn more.

What social interests matter to you?

What is your most impactful iCAN experience?
The most impactful part of my iCAN experience was getting to know the great people in our cohort.

What are your hobbies/outside interests?
Some of my hobbies are learning (natural) languages, reading, gaming, and hiking.

Where are you from?
Mansfield, CT