Tredayne Cabanlit
Tredayne Cabanlit

Tredayne Cabanlit

Years of professional experience?

Year that you started the iCAN program

  • 2022

What was your major and background?

Research/Engagement Experience

What are your interests within computer science?
I am interested in using speech to estimate speech articulators and muscles.

Project Title

How did you get interested in Computer Science?
I took computational linguistics courses at UIUC as an undergraduate and was drawn by the potential of speech signal processing.

What social interests matter to you?

What is your most impactful iCAN experience?
I would say that it was the "Aha!" moment I experienced when we did mod arithmetic where we learned why the rule to check if a number is divisible by 3 is done by adding all the digits. It just gave me a sense that it is possible for me to understand mathematical explanations that I thought was impossible before.

What are your hobbies/outside interests?
I like jiujitsu because it feels like chess but is also an exercise.

Where are you from?